Foraging Class at Strawberry Canyon

I just finished teaching another foraging class, the third one so far. I host them in the SF Bay Area (usually the East Bay Hills) through (Bay Area Foragers). This one was at Strawberry Canyon by UC Berkeley. If you’re in the Bay Area, please join us next time!

Leading the Bay Area Foragers class at Strawberry Canyon

Leading the Bay Area Foragers class at Strawberry Canyon

Here is the list of species (common / scientific names) we saw and discussed uses for on today’s walk. It’s just from memory so I may have forgotten a few things.


hazelnut / Corylus cornuta
California bay laurel / Umbellularia californica
buckeye / Aesculus californica
horsetail / Equisetum sp.
storksbill / Epilobium sp.
yellow curly dock / Rumex crispus
madrone / Arbutus menzeisii
blackberry / Rubus ursinus, R. armeniacus
thimbleberry / Rubus parviflorus
toyon / Heteromeles arbutifolia
mustards / Brassica sp.
thistle / Cirsium sp.
coast live oak / Quercus agrifolia
teasel / Dipsacus sp.
cherry plum / Prunus cerasifera
stream orchid / Epipactis gigantea
bracken fern / Pteridium aquilinum
sword fern / Polystichum munitum
incense cedar / Calocedrus decurrens
stinging nettle / Urtica dioica
redwood / Sequioa sempervirens
blue elderberry / Sambucus nigra ssp. caerulea
grasses / Poaceae
mugwort / Artemesia douglasiana
monkeyflower / Mimulus auranticus
cleavers / Galium sp.
ocean spray / Holodiscus discolor
Willow / Salix sp.
Coffeeberry / Rhamnus californica
Plantain / Plantago sp.
Poison oak / Toxicodendron diversilobium

European honeybee (and native bees)
Sphinx moth caterpillar

4 thoughts on “Foraging Class at Strawberry Canyon

    1. ringtailcats Post author

      Ya, I’ve been a barefooter for a long time too, but still can’t bring myself to go unshod in the city… too much broken glass, gum, etc. But as soon I step off the pavement onto the trail that footwear flies off! I like the fivefingers but even better I think are soft-sole moccasins. They give the barefoot feel, are very comfortable, can be stuffed in a pocket, be handmade, and can look real nice!

  1. Jay

    I read your post about the moccasins. Would you consider making me a pair? I have some birthday money put aside.

    1. ringtailcats Post author

      Sorry, I’ve been without internet for a while. If I knew I could do it well, I’d be happy to make you make a pair. But I am just a beginner at making moccasins; you’d be much better served getting moccasins from someone more skilled. has a ton of handmade moccasins. Softsoles are the only ones with the barefoot feel. The soles can wear out quick but they’re fairly easy to replace yourself.


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