Hunting… good photos

Ringtail Cats

campsite by cache creek campsite by cache creek

This photo of our campsite at Cache Creek (see blaze orange for location) is about the best thing I “caught” during our recent trip to hunt and camp. We went two weeks before to the same spot to hunt… and got some good views of the “hunter’s moon” (full moon):

hunter's moon hunter’s moon

Apparently, stillhunting with bow and arrow and pistol pellet gun is not so easy. I stalked up a few rabbits, some quail, pheasants (I think), and a large grey squirrel. But they all were wary and escaped. I had a good shot at the squirrel (which came right up to a tree by the campsite while I was cooking breakfast), but it escaped when I set down my bow to take better aim with my pistol. You win this time, my furry and feathered friends. I’ll have to keep eating these farm (/animal prison)-produced…

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